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Main Services


Before we enter into any agreement, at no cost to you, we spend 30 days working directly with you reviewing your company's financial statements and operations resulting in a written "preliminary analysis report".


The successful sale, merger, acquisition or management buyout of a company. For over 40+ years we have never failed to successfully complete an assignment for any client in the sale of its company.


Securing financing through private equity, recapitalization, management buyout, mezzanine financing, preferred stock, cash flow financing, subordinated debt, adjustable financing, and more.

How we work & charge

How we charge


no retainer, no hourly rates, no expense reimbursement, and no "overhead" charges.


We operate on the premise that our client prefers to pay for results . . .  not time.


Consequently, we align our financial interests directly with our client's results.  It's how business should be done.

How we work


Before we enter into any agreement, at no cost to you, we spend 30 days reviewing your company's financial statements and operations.


We'll then provide a written "Preliminary Analysis Report" including a complete, objective and multi-faceted profile of your company  as it would be viewed by investors, lenders and buyers in today's marketplace.


After that, we'll together decide whether to take on an assignment.   The "Preliminary Analysis Report" is yours to keep {free}.

Top Reasons To Work With Cmg

99% Success


Selling & Re-Capitalizing

With top tier talent, resources of a large firm, extensive analysis before entering into an Agreement and because we only take on projects in which success is clear, to you and us, CMG proudly supports a 99% success record.


Results Based Pay


Align Your Interests

CMG's value to you is best measured by results, not hours.


CMG favors compensation arrangements that align the firm’s economic interest with that of its clients.


Senior Reps Manage


One Project at a Time

The senior principal responsible for your account manages your account, and only your account, full-time. 


This guarantees consistency, clear communications and top grade professional representation.


Contacts & Resources


40+ Years in the Business

Over 40 years, we've developed personal access to literally hundreds of worldwide financing and acquisition sources.


CMG provides targeted, well qualified, and pre-screened potential candidates. 


We do this all-day everyday

The Deal: from A to Z

From introduction to close, see a step by step breakdown

of a typical deal with Capital Markets Group, Inc.