Capital Markets Group, Inc. Investment Bankers in Dallas, Austin and Denver Since 1979

Capital Markets Group, Inc

Mid-Cap Investment Bankers Specializing in Family-Owned Companies 

For over 40 years, Owners & Boards-of-Directors partner with us to assist and advise them in the sale, recapitalization and generational transition of their privately-held or family-owned mid-cap size companies  . . . .since 1979

Large Firm Talent

Fortune 500 Talent


Individual Project Manager's each have over 30-years of successful C-Level experience.


Our extensive experience gives you the ability to ask for, and get, what you need.

Midsize Firm Focus

Priority: Single Focus

We do this all-day/everyday.

CMG specializes in privately-held/family-owned companies

Client Service

Concierge Service


Each Project Manager works on only 1 deal at a time


We  consistenly communicate   with you during the entire process.


Results Based Payment

Aligned Interest


Capital Markets Group Inc. uniquely favors compensation arrangements that align CMG's economic interest with your personal and corporate interests.

Protect What You Have Built




CMG has always sold/recapitalized our clients' companies for more that an independent  3rd party valuation.


We have never failed to successfully complete an assignment for any client in the sale of its company.


40+ Years Experience and Outstanding Success Record in Selling & Recapitalizing Mid-Cap Companies


Because we are very selective and take only those assignments where success is clear {after our no-obligation 30-day analysis] each project manager works only one deal at a time. 



Senior Management Care & Consulting


Don't get passed off to a junior representative





The person you meet with before deciding to retain Capital Markets Group is an experienced principal who actively manages your account, and only your account, fulltime from start to closing. 


This guarantees consistency, clear communications and top grade professional representation you can be proud of.


We have always sold our client's companies for more than a 3rd party's valuation.

That's why Capital Markets Group has an excellent and consistent success record of selling or re-capitalizing

our clients' companies for more than an independent 3rd party valuation .

If you're our client, you're unique !


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