2911 Turtle Creek Blvd - Dallas, Texas 75219



"Thanks again for all of your help . . .without your wise council, leadership, & ability . . .we would have never made it thru all this"
Bobby Baker
Precision Healthcare, Inc.

"We always appreciated your honest candor, professional and
knowledgeable advice, and constant accessibility"


Jim Mulford
Chairman/Major Shareholder - Knowledge Workers, Inc.


Mr. Terry Fritz
Principal & Senior Managing Director Capital Markets Group, Inc.
2911Turtle Creek Blvd - 3rd Floor
Dallas, TX 75219




On behalf of the Sunbelt Modular, Inc. Board of Directors, I want to sincerely thank you and Capital Markets Group for your outstanding services over the period of 2006 through 2008 as Sunbelt's Mergers & Acquisitions/Financial Advisor and Chief Financial Officer.


During those years, Sunbelt grew from a single company with less than $10mm in Revenues to a Holding Company of four {4} Subsidiaries and a Corporate Office with over $80mm in Revenues. Your financial and acquisition advisory work during that time with the Board of Directors was a significant contributor to this growth.


Additionally, after the completion of four {4} acquisitions, at the request of the Board of Directors, you served as Chief Financial Officer for Sunbelt for two (2) of those years. During that time you instituted a Cash Management Program, a Unified/Real-Time Accounting System {MAS 2000} for all subsidiaries, managed Debt Services to keep Sunbelt in compliance with Lender Covenants and accumulated significant Cash Reserves.


Your monthly reports to the Board of Directors were comprehensive, coherent, precise, instructive and helped the Board make near-term and long range decisions..


Once again, on behalf of Sunbelt Modular, I thank you for your exemplary service, advice, expertise and coherent communications. My best to you and Capital Markets Group for your continued success.

Ron Procunier
President and Chief Executive Officer Sunbelt Modular, Inc.

Terry Fritz-CMG
From: "Jon A. Van Tuin" <jvantuin@bradfordequities.com>
To: <TerryFritz@CapitalMarketsGroup.com>
Subject: Thanks


I want to thank you for all your contributions to Sunbelt.


You are definitely leaving it in much better shape than you found it in.


I know I will miss working with you. Let’s get together when I’m back down in Dallas.




Jon A. Van Tuin
Managing Director
Bradford Equities Management, L.L.C.
360 Hamilton Ave., Suite 425
White Plains, NY 10601

"look forward to working with you.  Your previouse clients love you and hold you in the highest regard.  It should be fun.  I have some specifics I want to discuss with you when you're ready



Thanks for taking the time to speak last night on the phone.  Just a note to say my Dad has spoken highly of you since well before PRG came into the fold and I want to thank you on behalf of my sister and especially for your guidance and help during the last year.  I hope we can reconnect sometime in the future




Steven Speiczny

"One year after selling our company, my wife and I are reminiscing about how professional was Capital Markets Group and how we appreciate your personal involvement that made the process go so well."


Jan Speiczny

Design Dynamics Exhibits

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From: George Kennedy III
To: 'ayjones@usa.net'
Subject: Terry-Capital Markets Group




Terry has completed his offering documents and is working it hard.


You were right, he does work hard for his clients.  I feel very good in our decision to retain Capital Markets Group.


Just keeping you posted!


Kennedy Gourmet, LLC

Thanks again"


Brent Abernathy
Carthage Cup Company




Thanks again for everything you've done for Simco.  I hope we can work together again soon.  It was a pleasure.


I’d be more than happy to be a reference in the future.


Some great specifics I speak to about how invaluable you were to our process.


All my best,
Brian Kenna
SIMCO Electronics - a Services and Software Company

"I find you very refreshing. I like honest people and you are definitely that.  Keep up the good work."


Dave Meyer
President/Major Shareholder
Amtex LLC.


"We had no idea how much we didn't know about selling our company.  We would have never come out this good without your help.  Thanks"


Rose & Dick Langbert
Founders; Amtex Corporation

"Everbody talks about what they are going to do.  You did it!"


Alan Jones
York Equipment Corporation

"I got a lot of letters and people contacting us but we always felt most comfortable with Capital Markets Group because they were always honest with us".


Rudy Miller - President
Major Shareholder
Humphrey Printing


From: "Gary Koeppel"
To: "Terry Fritz" <terryfritz@capitalmarketsgroup.com>
Subject: Thank you


Dear Mr. Fritz:


Your communication was thoughtful, professional and appreciated.

I cannot express how impressed I am by the professional manner with which you conduct yourself.


Best regards,
Gary Koeppel
President & CEO
Coast Galleries
Carmel, CA 93922